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By simeonrosset, Mar 1 2017 11:41AM

We provide guests with truly spectacular service.

Rosset Bespoke Butlers have enjoyed wonderful success working with owners of luxury exclusive use venues, providing an exceptional level of luxury service. Some like to call it the Downtown Abbey effect, but the resurgence in popularity of the traditional butler is part of an international fascination with British heritage, British luxury brands and their values.

When you book one of our butlers at an exclusive use property you not only get the highest level of discretion and security, but also a bespoke service that even a top 5 star hotel cannot rival.

Whether you stay in the heart of Edinburgh or in the remotest part of the highlands, your Rosset Bespoke Butler service will be unforgettable.

Always at your service

When it comes to accommodation, nothing says discrete luxury like a personal butler. Whether it is a freshly drawn bath and afternoon tea ready and waiting after a day’s shooting, a friendly face waiting at the airport or dietary requirements passed on to a restaurant when making a reservation, a personal butler is all about the details. Those details are what will have your guests booking with you again and again.

In recent years, many of the top hotels have taken to offering a butler service, normally at a premium on top of the price of their best suites. Hotels as varied as The Bulgari and The Ritz in London, to the Plas Rhianfa in Anglesey and Brides Manor in Worcestershire offer butler service upgrades. Some hotels such as The Lanesborough and Café Royal, Regent Street offer butler service to all their guests included in the standard price. At Cameron House, guests staying at the top suite enjoy complimentary butler service. Today’s guests, especially international ones, are looking for that sort of luxury when booking a stay.

The benefits for our clients are not only the exceptional service for their guests, but also for the security and preservation of their property. Having a butler on hand 24 hrs a day means that the property is never left unguarded, dirty or untidy. The presence of butlers has saved property owners thousands of pounds in carpet cleaning alone. Again it is all about the details. An abandoned wine glass on a sideboard is not left to spill but rather is promptly tidied and washed. The front door is never left unlocked, pillows are always plumped and bathrooms are always clean.

These are all things that increase the enjoyment of your guests and preserve the furnishings and finishes of your beautiful home and are all reasons why many of our clients now have a Rosset Bespoke Butler in attendance at all of their residential events.

We believe that the personal approach is best, so we always meet with our clients in person to discuss their exact requirements. This way we offer a bespoke service that fits whatever budget and expectations you may have.

Rosset Bespoke Butlers are always at your service, we can help you make every guest experience an exceptional story of luxury.

How does it work?

You can book a “live in” butler who will stay onsite and be on-hand 24 hours a day. Or if you are staying in Edinburgh or Glasgow (soon to come to London) you can use our new Butler on Demand service. Using this at a touch of a button you can speak to your Rosset Bespoke concierge and arrange a butler, chauffer, chef or housemaid to attend you with due expedition.

Whether it is unpacking your clothes or helping plan a dinner party, our team of butlers will provide you with the unsurpassed level of service, which is why Rosset Bespoke Butlers are chosen by a variety of clients including sportsmen, celebrities and the aristocracy.

Our butlers are trained to anticipate any situation. Discreet but always on hand, they know when to be seen and when to disappear. A Rosset Bespoke Butler can greatly enhance the experience of both the host and their guests. A butler looks after every detail from etiquette to the practicalities of running a smooth event.

Never flustered but always cool and organised, they are an experienced hand at any occasion or event.

We can provide the amount of butlers required for any occasion, whether it is 1 butler to serve dinner at a private house, or 10 butlers for the week on a shooting estate, or 25 butlers for a formal dinner on the banks of Loch Lomond.

Our team are alway on hand to help with any questions or ideas you may have.

By simeonrosset, Nov 14 2015 09:53PM

Jade Closet Boutique was launched in 2013 and is now in a unique riverside location in Dumfries and we offer a variety of services including our on the day bridal party dressing.

One of the biggest and special memory making decisions for a bride is choosing the perfect gown.

Here are my top considerations to assist that important experience:

👰Be open minded about the style of gown when visiting bridal boutiques, consider their expert advice

👰Images will be there forever so choose a gown that makes you feel amazing and you will never tire of

👰Less is more when choosing, try to take no more than two special people with you

What to expect from the Bridal party service

Is your mum going to be stressed the morning of the big day?

Your maid of honor too busy sorting those last minute preparations?

Your auntie dressing the flower girls?

Your little cousin drinking the champagne?

Who's left? Your father..... is he any good at dressing you on the day, tying your lace up corset.

Relax, we have the perfect solution, I will arrive at your home or hotel with plenty of time to remind you to put your garter on, figure out that clasp on your necklace and lace your corset up in that special, comfortable way as in your fittings and in many cases, give your mum a hug.

Included is a bottle fizz to start the celebrations and relax you.

My brides are important to me and I feel to be there in your time of need and make sure you feel how you felt when you found 'the gown'.

Best wishes for your special day

[email protected] 👰

Sheila Stubbs



By simeonrosset, Aug 30 2015 10:26PM

Today we are hosting the Renfrewshire business networking meeting at the beautiful Paisley Abbey. The meeting will be in the collection of private rooms known as The Place of Paisley. This area of the historic abbey is now available for hire as a conference and event venue right in the heart of Scotland.

Paisley Abbey's origins date back to 1163 and the signing of a charter by Walter Fitzalan, the High Steward of Scotland.

In 1245, the priory was raised to the status of an Abbey dedicated to St. Mirin

The Abbey was also a centre of learning and it is believed that William Wallace, was educated by the monks of Paisley Abbey.

King Robert II of Scotland, the first of the Stewart monarchs was born after the tragic death if his mother in the Abbey infirmary. For that reason, the Abbey claims to be the 'cradle of the Royal House of Stewart.' Our present Queen is descended from him. In fact, the Abbey is the final resting place of six High Stewards of Scotland.

The Place of Paisley is the sole remaining part of the extensive monastery associated with the Abbey.

Today, it is a beautiful and historically important venue for meetings, dinners, concerts and corporate events. There are several elegant and spacious rooms leading off of an impressive light gallery, which can be used to hold dinners for up to 45 people.

The catering arrangements at the Abbey are very flexible and anything from a sandwich lunch to a banquette can be arranged.

“I have a huge amount of experience putting on events in historic buildings and to get access to a collection of stunning rooms with a history that is so significant to Scotland, is an incredible find. For it to be available with this level of flexibility and with this incredible value for money is almost unrivalled. I believe it to be a truly special events venue that will wow your clients and staff alike.” Simeon Rosset MD Rosset Bespoke Ltd


By simeonrosset, Aug 2 2015 03:44PM

Butler Biography

Lawrence Mckenna

Rosset Bespoke Butlers are proud to introduce one of our butler associates. Like many of the best butlers; Lawrence Mckenna is ex-military and worked as batman to the Commanding Officer of his battalion. His British Army training gave him the essential skills, the discipline and the resourceful nature that is essential in a world class butler or valet.

Since leaving the army, Lawrence has worked for the gentry, captains of industry, hotels and casinos.

We are very glad to say that Lawrence is now available for hire from Rosset Bespoke Butlers. He is based in the South of England and also covers the London area.

Whether you are having an intimate house party or planning a large corporate event, you will find that Lawrence, with the backing of the expert events team at Rosset Bespoke Events, will make your function a truly magical occasion. He is also an experienced sportsman and as such is the perfect choice as a manservant loader for a shooting holiday.

Lawrence is looking for a full time position and we believe he would be a great asset to any household. If you would like to offer Lawrence a full time position, please contact us and we will put you in touch. We are not a recruitment agency therefore there will be no fees involved.

Contact the Rosset Bespoke Butlers team on [email protected]

By guest, Jun 12 2014 01:01PM

Today, planning an event as personal and significant as a wedding is at risk of losing its individuality through the more impersonal approaches of larger entertainment agencies. Big names may be global or renowned within the country for providing high quality services, yet prices are a major deterrent and the experience of working together may not feel as personal as you would have liked.

Having these big agencies scare off smaller-sized competitors, it is becoming difficult to find the ideal entertainment for a day you will never want to forget. earcandy however, is the exception.

earcandy is an entertainment agency that works on a smaller scale than the big industries, closely partnering with exciting acts that deliver unique performances. Their smaller size allows them to provide a more distinctive exchange, offering guidance as you plan the big day. earcandy is motivated to guarantee an intimate and exclusive experience for your wedding day. Their intentions rest upon the objective of adapting a wide range of entertainment to their client’s wishes. They help shape and build ideas to make that dream wedding happen. As well as having an original work ethic, earcandy boasts extensive expertise, having filled over 2,500 dance floors since their conception early on in 2010.

Working with numerous professional artists, earcandy will not leave you disappointed when it comes to choosing your desired entertainment. Musical genres offered include Motown, Jazz, Rock, Indie, Pop, Classical with their very own earcandy String Quartet, and even Karaoke for guests wanting to get their own singing on. For any sized venue, there is a suitable option, as earcandy not only works with full-sized bands, but also with a variety of soloists. All artists are professional and have extensive past experience. Many have worked alongside exciting performers such as Franz Ferdinand, Joss Stone, Bryan Adams and even Elton John! Starting up a chat with them is likely to prove fascinating and many clients have praised their friendly attitude that has added to a beautiful experience.

earcandy’s own friendly approach welcomes face-to-face consultations over coffee to elaborate on ideas and suggestions concerning the event. Offering not only an ample selection of bands to chose from, earcandy provides customizations such as personalized set lists, entertainment between band sets in their Disco Package, and tailored sound with a private engineer to optimize sound quality at the designated venue. These, amongst many other additional customizable options, are what allow earcandy to bring forward an unforgettable experience to share with friends and family.

Working with earcandy alleviates much of the stress you wouldn’t want to feel when planning an event as important as a wedding. earcandy organizes your entertainment as well as the industry leading equipment needed to do so. With your own Online Client Portal, communication is facilitated and your booking is managed for you – all you have to do is relax and enjoy!

With such an engaging mindset, planning will become just as memorable and fun as the event itself with earcandy. Once you have worked with earcandy, you will not be able to disagree:

It is not a typical agency. When you book an earcandy act, you get something more.

So wait no longer and get your wedding rocking with www.earcandylive.co.uk

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