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Rosset Bespoke Events

Rosset Bespoke Events team of event specialists can take your basic ideas and turn them into a polished product.

The importance of hiring an experienced event professional cannot be underestimated. Great event planning requires foresight and attention to detail as well as vision and creativity. No matter how large or complex your function is, we have the skills and knowledge to allow it to reach its ultimate potential.   Our skills can be of benefit at any stage in the planning process.   Whether the event is just at concept stage, or if invitations have already been delivered, our input can allow your events to be all that you imagined and so much more.

Through careful consultation with our clients, we take the seeds of event ideas and allow them to grow into high quality, well considered events with flair and ease.   Our team is highly innovative and creative, developing your thoughts into perfect realities.  We draw on our years of experience to ensure you do not have to worry about anything other than enjoying the events and reaping the benefits.

Our team have a wealth of experience in executing safe and legal large scale events in varying types of venues.   We can work with the venue management in adapting existing locations for the unique event purposes or equally create exclusive spaces in situations to suit your specific requirements.  We are well versed in accommodating all legislative requirements such as security, fire travel distances and safety, and sanitaryware provision, to provide peace of mind.

Our contacts include the highest quality entertainment of rich and varied genres.   We are used to clients’unusual requests and are happy to strive to accommodate even the most challenging.   We can arrange for live bands or DJs, classical instrumentalists or choirs, toastmasters or speakers, actors or models, to create the perfect atmosphere.  

To ensure the success of your event we can work with your promotional team or indeed create a comprehensive marketing plan to be executed on your behalf.   Social media is a great tool in this situation and can serve to stretch limited budgets effectively.   We have an in-house, experienced graphic designer who can produce stunning images to adorn your marketing material and create a themed experience.

With Rosset Bespoke Butlers’ events team you can be confident that your aspirations will be achieved and exceeded turning your dreams into reality.


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