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About me

I am Simeon Rosset, owner and hands on Head Butler at Rosset Bespoke Butlers.


In the 16 years since starting my career at Leeds Castle where I worked as Head Butler. I have gone on to work as an exclusive international Butler working in Castles, Shooting Estates, Super yachts and Palaces across Europe. In that time I have worked for “A” list Celebrities, Royalty, Dukes and Duchesses, Oil companies and Banks. Serving people such as: HRH The Princess Alexandra, Luciano Pavarotti and Tony Blair.


The Modern Butler can turn his hand to anything; from Grouse Shoot drinks in a bothy perched on a Highland mountain, to a 1000 guest formal wedding Breakfast in central Glasgow.

A Butler should never be confused with a Silver service waiter or a toast master. Yes any Butler working for Rosset Bespoke Butlers is an expert in these fields, but, the real difference is a Butler will look after every detail for you without needing to be asked.

I regularly Butler for Shooting Parties in Scotland, Society Weddings, Banquets, House Parties and large Corporate Events.

The service that myself and my team supply is always polished, always perfect and always 100% committed to surpassing the expectations of the client.




Sometimes the Job requires some unusual modes of transport.

helicopter castle


Simeon Rosset founded Rosset Bespoke Butlers because he understands the true value of a butler valet within a household, at a shooting party, at an organised event or wedding. Simeon uses his skills and attention to detail to deliver on the expectations of a client, whatever the occasion, ensuring his team of butlers do the same. As head butler, Simeon Rosset uses his many years of experience to offer others the opportunity to enjoy quality bespoke butler services that are discreet and professional at all times.




Rosset Bespoke Butlers head office is in Paisley Scotland. Rosset Bespoke Ltd are the only company offering these services in Scotland. We also cover London and the rest of the UK.